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New moms and new borns

Posted in book,parenting by Jayme M on February 24, 2012

Another article written by a mom to other first-time-moms. Another article that is slowly giving me more realistic expectations for those early days of living with a new baby. Another article filled with encouragement and hope and perspective. This one is from Simple Mom.

Highlighted quotes:

(These are all from the article – none of them are my words!)

  • Becoming a mom for the first time was the most fundamentally life-changing transition for me.
  • However, I found that until I had actually gone through it, it didn’t matter what people said or what I read in the books, I just didn’t totally get it until I had experienced it – the highs or the lows.
  • The best tactic was truly to sleep when the baby sleeps.
  • The housework, of course, was still there after the postpartum period. It was more important that I either get some rest myself or tend to those basics, like showering and eating, that make you feel like a human being.
  • I heard once that a new mom should give herself six weeks after the baby is born – “two weeks IN the bed, two weeks ON the bed, and two weeks hanging AROUND the bed.” In other words, take it easy, mama. Rest. Recover. Enjoy that new baby.
  • If you are a brand new mom reading this and I can encourage you about anything, let me stress the importance of being gentle with yourself. This is hard work. You’re learning. Extend yourself some grace and allow for moments of imperfection.

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